Monday, April 22, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

Today marks the 44th Earth Day. It's a time to think about our connection with the planet. I feel fortunate to be able to constantly follow the changing seasons in the Rocky Mountains, although the average backyard is full of wondrous sights for those who look closely. Close to home, wildflower seeds are beginning to sprout. Meanwhile on the distant slopes, the snow is receding and shrubs are becoming green again. The aspens are budding, and soon the leaves will be quaking in the wind.

Spring in the Rockies requires flexibility and patience. After an unusually mild winter, over twelve inches of snow fell in one early April day.

Some days are reminders of the amazing high country summers, while others are marked by morning snowfall that melts and evaporates by late afternoon. The prehistoric rock of the highest peaks is very slowly being uncovered.

I chose Rocky Mountain High as the title of this post because it seemed highly appropriate. As both the second state song of Colorado and the most famous song by John Denver (who was extremely passionate about the Rocky Mountains), it's a good choice for Earth Day. The second line, "...coming home to a place he'd never been before", resonates with me. I'll always remember how it felt to arrive in Colorado.